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Clearly Glowing Green

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Product Description

Clear dip powder that glows a beautiful green shade in the dark.  This dip requires to be charged by natural sunlight or UV light in order to glow. Clear glows are great to apply on top of any other dip color to make your manicure glow in the dark.

IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that glow pigment powders are not transparent, they have some opacity to them by nature. They also have bigger particles than our dip powders and for that reason, clear glow dips will not be as clear as our Crystal Clear dip alone. Even though this is a clear dip, some clear glows may show a few little speckles here and there. Clear Glows work best on top of light colors and medium color shades. Be advise that when using it on top of dark colors or glitter dips, some of the speckles may show. An alternative for dark colors and glitter dips would be to try to apply the clear glow under the color. Two layers of clear dip glow is recommended, that way you can file and shape your nails without removing the glow effect. 

*** Please Note: Due to monitor and screen setting on electronic devices, the colors may look slightly different. Colors also vary depending on the light setting.