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Patriotic Collection

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  • Independence Day
Adrada Dip Powder
    $8.00 - $11.50

    Independence Celebration is a fun patriotic glitter dip featuring a mix of medium metalic silver, bl…

  • Stars and Stripes
    $7.00 - $10.50

    Stars and Stripes is a combination of different size and color glitters, the sparkle of this dip is …

  • Justice and Freedom
    $7.00 - $10.50

    Justice and Freedom is a glitter dip, very easy to work with.  Beautifu blue that resembles the…

  • US Independence Day
    $7.00 - $10.50

    US Independence Day is a gorgeous glitter dip featuring the US American flag colors.  To achiev…

4 of 4 Items