Dip Liquids "Extreme Shine" 4 Steps

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Product Description

Dip Liquid System "Extreme Shine" is amazingly shiny. The system is user friendly, nearly impossible to contaminate, perfect consistency, self leveling, low odor, medium dry speed and the shine is out of this world.  To achieve the best shine possible, it is highly recommended to use them together because they are formulated to work together to deliver the best results. Also, make sure to buff your nails very well using a very smooth buffer block, this will also help to achieve best results and maximum shine.

Note: If you decide to purchase just our Finish Gel #4 Extreme Shine liquid and use a different brand for base and activator; we can not guarantee that you will achieve the maximun shine

Regarding shipping:

Please note that USPS has changed the rules about shipping flammable liquids. They can only be sent Ground which means higher shipping rates, usually around $8.93 no matter if it's one liquid or the entire 4 or 6 dip liquid system.

The Extreme Shine System includes:

15ml Nail Prep (step #1)

15ml Base gel (step #2)*

15ml Activator (step #3)

15ml Finish Gel Extreme Shine (step #4)

* The consistency of the base gel is thin so your nails won't look thick once you are done with your manicure. Drying time for this particular dip base liquid is medium speed making it friendly for nail art.

Important: Use in a well ventilated area.


Application Instructions:

Start by cleaning your workspace.  Make sure to start with clean hands. Prep your nails, push back and remove your cuticles. Clean your nails with alcohol to remove any oil from your nail beds. 

Step 1: Apply Nail Prep #1 to the entire nail bed.

Step 2: Apply a thin coat of Base Gel #2 and dip fingernail into powder. Repeat this on each nail, one at a time. Tap or brush off excess powder.

Step 3: Repeat previous step 2 times. 

Step 4: Apply Base Gel #2 and dip fingernail into clear to protect color. Repeat this on each nail, one at a time. Tap or brush off excess powder. 

Step 5: Apply Activator #3 generously to all nails and let it dry for 1 - 2 minutes.

Step 6: File and shape nails. Using a very fine buffer block...buff, buff, buff very well.

Step 7: Wash hands and dry thoroughly.

Step 8: Apply Activator #3 and let it dry for 1 - 2 minutes. Wipe off nails very well with a lint free wipe.

                Note: Activator can NOT have any contact with the Base Gel and Finish Gel, it will harden the brush.

Step 9: Apply Finish Gel #4 Extreme Shine to all nails and let it dry for 1 minute. Make sure to also seal the free edge. Apply a second coat of to all nails and let it dry for 3 minutes. 

Step 10: After nails are fully dry, apply cuticle oil.

Important: Use in a well ventilated area.

Warranty Information

If you decide to purchase just our Finish Gel #4 Extreme Shine liquid and you use it with a different brand base and activator, we can not guarantee that you will achieve the maximum shine possible.


  • 5
    Extreme shine liquids

    Posted by Mayra Gutierrez on May 18th 2022

    Love, love these liquids. So thin, I did 4 dips and my nails still felt great. Definitely will continue use of these.

  • 5
    Dip liquids

    Posted by Miriam Christensen on Mar 7th 2022

    These are my new favorite liquids! They are super easy to apply and the shine is incredible! I love them.

  • 5
    Dip liquids

    Posted by Amalea Kravetz on Nov 25th 2021

    These liquids were the easiest I've ever used, thin and didn't flood my cuticles and the shine on the top coat is incredible.

  • 5
    In love!

    Posted by Erin Derrick on Apr 16th 2021

    This stuff is the real deal!! Easy to use, does NOT have a strong chemical smell, the shine is to die for, and these dips are super durable!! I'm a dog groomer and I'm super rough on my hands/nails but this stuff is like diamonds. I can hit my nails with my dremel while working and you can't even tell. Super clear, super shiny, and super worth it!!

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