Parkinson's Awareness Trio

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Product Description

Parkinson's Disease Awareness is represented by the Silver Ribbon, this trio includes the following dips:

Lava Stone: Solid gray shade with tiny itty bitty black speckles, resembling a lava rock. They are hard to see but they are there!

Parkinson's Awareness: Beautiful silver glitter dip with a little bit of black in the background. The sparkle is amazing!

Anchor: Dark gray dip with gorgeous silver shimmer... very shimmery!


Size:  0.25oz (About 4 to 6 manis depending on nail length).

          0.50oz (About 8 to 12 manis depending on nail length).

          **Dip Powder is packaged by weight not volume.**


Pictures are taken to showcase the color under natural outdoor light.

** Please Note: This color may look slightly different under indoor lighting and outside lighting. **   

Get stronger, healthier nails with our easy-to-use dip powder. 


Application Instructions:

Start by cleaning your workspace.  Make sure to start with clean hands. Prep your nails, push back and remove your cuticles. Clean your nails with alcohol to remove any oil from your nail beds. 

Step 1: Apply Nail Prep #1 to the entire nail bed.

Step 2: Apply a thin coat of Base Gel #2 and dip fingernail into powder. Repeat this on each nail, one at a time. Tap or brush off excess powder.

Step 3: Repeat previous step 2 times. 

Step 4: Apply Base Gel #2 and dip fingernail into clear to protect color. Repeat this on each nail, one at a time. Tap or brush off excess powder. 

Step 5: Apply Activator #3 generously to all nails and let it dry for 1 - 2 minutes.

Step 6: File, shape and buff nails.

Step 7: Wash hands and dry thoroughly.

Step 8: Apply Activator #3 and let it dry for 1 - 2 minutes. Wipe off nails very well with a lint free wipe.

                Note: Activator can NOT have any contact with the Base Gel and Finish Gel, it will harden the brush.

Step 9: Apply Finish Gel #4 to all nails and let it dry for 1 minute. Make sure to also seal the free edge. Apply a second coat of Finish Gel to all nails and let it dry for 3 minutes. 

Step 10: After nails are fully dry, apply cuticle oil.

DISCLAIMER: We strive to make our digital color swatches as accurate as possible to the actual product color but due to different monitor settings and electronic devices, the colors may appear slightly different.  Pictures are taken to showcase the color under natural outdoor light.


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    Gorgeous Colors

    Posted by Angie on Sep 14th 2021

    I have been looking for a really pretty grey color and let me tell you all 3 of these are beautiful and so easy to work with. This was my first purchase from Adrada Dip Powder and it definitely won't be my last!

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