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Disclaimers and Product Info

Adrada Dip Powder



  • Every color and glitter dip (mini jars and half oz. jars) is packaged by weight not volume. Crystal Clear dip powder mini jars and half oz jars are packaged by weight, the one ounce Crystal Clear is packaged by volume in a 1oz jar. Some jars may look fuller than others and that is because dip powders have different consistencies and textures.  Some powders are very fine and fluffy, some are more dense and heavier, some have a sugary texture, and some are glittery and chunkier.  Each jar is placed on a scale, the “Tare” button is pushed to “Zero Out” the scale; after that powder is poured into the jar until reaching 0.25oz in weight for mini jars, 0.50oz in weight for half ounce jars and 1oz in weight for one once jars. 
  • As in all arts and crafts items, color and shade may slightly vary from one batch to the other.  We try to make big batches of dip powder at a time to avoid variations. We receive our pigments in bulk from a manufacturer to create our custom dip colors, it is very possible that pigments from the manufacturer vary from one batch to the other. Please keep this in mind, we have exact measurements and recipes to create each dip color, but when there is a slightly difference in pigments, there will also be a slightly difference in the dip color shade. 
  • The ingredients in our dip powders are as follows: polyethylmethacrylate, titanium dioxide, benzoyl peroxide, color pigment.
  • Dip powder colors may change overtime.  This is caused by the fine acrylic powder taking over and making the pigment and/or glitter loose a little bit of its color.  The way that the dips are stored and handled also may cause this color and/or texture changes. 
  • We strive to make our digital color swatches as accurate as possible to the actual product color but due to different monitor settings and electronic devices, the colors may appear slightly different.  Pictures are taken to showcase the color under natural outdoor light.
  • Please Note: Colors may look slightly different under indoor lighting and outside lighting. 
  • After products are shipped and in the possession of USPS, FedEx or UPS, we cannot be held responsible for any broken, lost or stolen packages. We strive for customer service but mistakes by USPS, FedEx or UPS, should be taken up with your local USPS, FedEx or UPS store. If USPS, FedEx or UPS states your packages have been delivered and you did not receive them, you must take the complaint to your local USPS, FedEx or UPS store within 24 hours of stated delivery.
  • FREE shipping, promotional and discount coupons: The coupon code must be entered before checkout in order to take advantage of the promotion or discount. After an order has been placed, a coupon code can not be applied to that order, this includes the free shipping coupon code advertised on our home page.
  • After an order has been placed, additional items (products that you forgot to add to the shopping cart) can not be added to that order. A new order has to be placed for the additional / forgotten items.
  • Invoice product changes can be made within 24 hours after placing an order. If you wish to change a dip you ordered for a different color, you can do so as long as the new color has the same price value. To make changes you can reach out to us via email or through social media.
  • Products that were purchased during a "Sale", "Blowout Sale", etc. are Final Sale, they can't be returned, exchanged or replaced.