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Liquid Builder Gel - Bianca

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Product Description

Bianca is a translucent white gel. A thin layer will show a very subtle jelly white, thicker layers will show as a milky white. 

Liquid builder gel in a bottle (BGIAB) is thinner than the traditional builder gel in a pot. This gel is HEMA free. Great for adding strength and length to the nail. A UV/LED lamp with minimum of 48W is required.  Cure under lamp for minimum of 60 seconds or more depending on the thickness of the application. It is important to cure gels 100% to avoid any lifting issues. 

*** Please Note: Due to monitor and screen setting on electronic devices, the colors may look slightly different. Colors also vary depending on the light setting. 

Opacity and color intensity varies depending on the thickness of your application. Thinner layers will look more translucent and subtle, thicker layers will look more opaque and the color will be more intense.