Builder Gel - Clear

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Product Description

Adrada's Clear Builder Gel is a hard soak-off gel. It is runny, self leveling and it has a thin viscosity, but it is thicker than regular UV base gel and top coat gel. This builder gel is perfect for extending your nails to make them look longer. It can also be used to reinforce your nails or fix a broken nail using a sticker nail form under your natural nail. You can also use it to encapsulate glitter nails or other nail art. 


How to apply:

1.  Push back your cuticles, prep and cleanse your nails.

2.  Apply one of our Nail Prep #1 liquids.

3.  Apply our Base Coat UV/LED Gel avoiding touching your skin and cure for 60s under LED lamp or 120s under UV lamp.

4.  Using the gel brush, grab a small bead of Builder Gel and place it on the middle of your nail bed. Gently, start pushing the gel around the nail avoiding touching your skin. Using a circular motion, start building your nail to your desired thickness. Cure for 1 minute under LED lamp or 3 minutes under UV lamp. Curing time varies depending on lamp power.

Note: If you apply a really thick layer of builder gel, be aware that when it is curing under the lamp, the gel will get hot and you may feel a burning sensation.  It's better to do 2 thin layers instead of one thick layer.

5. Wipe nails with alcohol.

6.  File and shape nails leaving a little bit of a rough surface for the next step.

7.  Apply our No Wipe Top UV/LED gel for a shiny clean look making sure you cap the free edge. If you want a matte finish, you can use our No Wipe Matte UV/LED Gel instead.

8.  Apply one of our amazing cuticle oils. 


Watch our Adrada Builder Gel Application Tutorial on YouTube.


Note: Keep in mind that all UV/LED lamps are different, some are more powerful than others. Depending on the kind of lamp you have, you may need to adjust curing time.


Disclaimer: This particular gel contains di-hidroxyethyl methacrylate (it is a bound ingredient which means it is the safer version of hema). If you develop an allergy to the product, please discontinue use.


  • 5
    Builder Gel

    Posted by Lisa Hall on Jun 30th 2021

    This was super easy to work with. I would definitely recommend this.

  • 5
    Builder gel

    Posted by TAMMY M ELLANSON on Apr 16th 2021

    Easy to use, had it on for 2 weeks and still no lifting. LOVE IT!!

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