Builder Gel - Clear

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Product Description

Adrada Builder Gel is a thick 15ml soak-off gel that is perfect for extending your nails to make them look longer. It can also be used to reinforce your nails or fix a broken nail using a sticker nail form under your natural nail. You can also use it to encapsulate glitter nails or other nail art. 

Our Builder Gel comes with 20 sticker nail forms and a gel / dotting tool pen.


How to apply:

1.  Push back your cuticles, prep and cleanse your nails.

2.  Apply one of our Nail Prep #1 liquids.

3.  Apply our Base Coat UV/LED Gel avoiding touching your skin and cure for 60s under LED lamp or 120s under UV lamp.

4.  Using the gel brush, grab a small bead of Builder Gel and place it on the middle of your nail bed. Gently, start pushing the gel around the nail avoiding touching your skin. Using a circular motion, start building your nail to your desired thickness. Cure for 1 minute under LED lamp or 3 minutes under UV lamp. Curing time varies depending on lamp power.

Note: If you apply a really thick layer of builder gel, be aware that when it is curing under the lamp, the gel will get hot and you may feel a burning sensation.  It's better to do 2 thin layers instead of one thick layer.

5. Wipe nails with alcohol.

6.  File and shape nails leaving a little bit of a rough surface for the next step.

7.  Apply our No Wipe Top UV/LED gel for a shiny clean look making sure you cap the free edge. If you want a matte finish, you can use our No Wipe Matte UV/LED Gel instead.

8.  Apply one of our amazing cuticle oils. 


Note: Keep in mind that all UV/LED lamps are different, some are more powerful than others. Depending on the kind of lamp you have, you may need to adjust curing time.


Disclaimer: This particular gel contains di-hidroxyethyl methacrylate (it is a bound ingredient which means it is the safer version of hema). If you develop an allergy to the product, please discontinue use.


  • 5
    Builder Gel

    Posted by Lisa Hall on Jun 30th 2021

    This was super easy to work with. I would definitely recommend this.

  • 5
    Builder gel

    Posted by TAMMY M ELLANSON on Apr 16th 2021

    Easy to use, had it on for 2 weeks and still no lifting. LOVE IT!!

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